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Short Stories
A book of short stories and essays about life.
"The stories and essays are often warm, lighthearted and humerous and are bound to catch the readers attention."
Adam Baca- ABQ The Magazine
"Laughing at stories you read while remembering those crazy things you also did, really makes you feel connected to the author."
"A very short & wonderful read! If you have a son or daughter, this book touches on everything kids will eventually deal with in a positive & loving manner."
From the minds of our authors come some very warped and insightful musings including our Women's Empowerment Tees and the "Celebrity Prayer" mug.
Publish your book with us!
You control the process.
Jason's Music Publishing specializies in new and emerging authors. We believe that publishing and promoting your book should not cost you and arm and a leg. You keep your copyright and your publishing rights revert back to you on a timeframe that you set. You determine your royalty rate and distribution.
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Poetry from a half a century of living.
Advice for living in a modern world.
Purchase snappy tees and mugs.
E-Book distribution
Kindle, Nook, I-pad
Make you book available for the Kindle, Nook, I-pad or mobile device at minimal cost. Give your book away as a free download and still get paid!
Hard copies
No minimum purchase.
No need to stock and warehouse books in your garage or in a corner of the office. Sell one book, print and ship one book.
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